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During his career Tony’s passion for education and reading led to the formation of “Tony Womack’s Cover-to-Cover Reading Competition.” The children’s literacy campaign encouraged grade school children to read, rewarding them with tickets to Tony’s games. This program was targeted at kids with educational obstacles due to their environmental and financial situations. “I saw too many kids that only seemed focused on playing a sport and not realizing the importance of getting an education and going to college,” said Womack. The program made reading fun and encouraged the children to make it part of their lives.

Today, Tony is still actively encouraging children to continue to read. In 2009, Tony and his wife Janet established Stealing Hearts to allow them to provide outreach to worthy causes around the community. Tony and Janet hope to continue to assist children with their reading programs as well as establish possible scholarship programs in the Charlotte area.

Stealing Hearts 2013 Charitable Donations
Boys & Girls Club of America
Breast Cancer Campaign
Brian Jordan Foundation
The Genesis Charitable Fund
THe First Tee
Rucker Foundation
Second Harvest
WSOC Schools Tools Campaign
 Stealing Hearts